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Collective Campaigns is a full-service political and non-profit consulting firm that is union-staffed and cooperatively owned. We can staff your campaign from top to bottom or help you along the way with our individual services.

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Strategic COmmunications

Let us help you craft a winning message. From general copyediting to direct mail to online content production — we can help you develop a strong, consistent message.

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Political Consulting

Campaigns are a lot of work. We help you navigate the political space in order to let you focus on what really matters — talking to your potential constituents.

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Fundraising & Compliance

We can help you develop a robust fundraising strategy that meets your goals. We are a one-stop-shop from call-time management to compliance.



Our organizers can implement smart, effective field campaigns and train your staff and volunteers to give you your best results. From political advocacy to fundraising, we’ve got you covered.


full-Service digital services

We create a professional, high-tech digital presence for your organization. We offer content management, digital ad targeting, content creation, graphic design, and much more.


Voter Targeting

We utilize experience and technology to create solid voter targeting universes. From targeted field programs to specific issue advocacy, we do it all.


Campaign Management

When you work with us, you know you are working with competent, seasoned staffers. We will work to find the right fit for you and get your campaign staffed — the right way.


Press Relations

It is hard to break through the noise — we can help. Our communications professionals offer media coaching, press relations, and can craft your message to get press.

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Why We Started Collective Campaigns

Our shared experience showed us that the political world was difficult for workers to navigate. It had a throwaway culture that left talented, hard-working organizers out to dry after campaigns ended — we wanted to change that. That is why we started Collective Campaigns — where we make sure that all workers are treated with respect and their work is valued.


How We are Different

We operate as a worker-owned enterprise and are the first political consultant firm in the country organized as a worker cooperative. All of our workers are union-members and employees of our cooperative. We don’t make people work as independent contractors and we look out for our workers.


Why You Should Work With Us

As a worker cooperative, we put our workers’ well being ahead of all else. We believe in what we promote and are more interested in winning than collecting big checks from our clients. We are passionate about the issues we promote and will work to enact our shared goals.

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